Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Digital Research Day #1

Hello, Everyone:

We did not have an opportunity to finish our digital research activity today, so -- as agreed -- I'll ask you to return to it sometime before next Tuesday's class (1/29), focusing on a single text from the list on your worksheet.

Remember that neither the list of texts nor the list of tools is meant to be exhaustive, but simply representative and generative -- hopefully pointing us to limitations and gaps, conditions and constraints, promise and possibility.

If you could, please work through the tasks, then work with your partner to compose a coherent response -- which you can comment to this post -- titling it informatively, and signing it appropriately. I will be most interested in what you learn about historiography as a result of the various questions and tasks you complete on your text. Dig deep, and consider how either the task or the tools might reflect certain attitudes we take towards Modern rhetoric as a history, and also as a methodology. Consider whether (or not or how) such a task disrupts the security of what we have come to know as major locations, corpora, or themes and players in Modern rhetoric.

-Dr. Graban

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