Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Digital Research Day #4

Hello, Everyone:

In advance of Thursday's class, I ask that you spend (at least) 30 minutes familiarizing yourself with the fourth digital research activity sheet (in BB handouts), which focuses on different methods and tools for geo-spotting, loosely described. As usual, please work with a partner and select one of the three options, but ideally each option would be covered, so if you have the opportunity to negotiate this amongst yourselves before Thursday, that would be fine.

We will spend over half of Thursday's class on this activity in conjunction with our discussion of secondaries, but please get started on your task and see how far you can get in 30 minutes. Ideally, on Thursday you would be finishing up the task and posting to the blog so as to aid our discussion, but we'll make it work no matter how far you get.

I really look forward to this,

-Dr. Graban