Thursday, March 28, 2013

Schedule Change

Hello, everyone:

By consensus (today) we are slightly changing our reading schedule so as to allow one class day for some focused reflection. Here is what that means for us in practical terms:

R 4/4/13 (final digital research day)
  • Carr/Carr/Schultz (BB) -- Molly, Josh, and Martha reading 11-24; Logan, Christine, and Bret reading 196-204 and 205-209
  • Brereton (BR) -- all of us reading Chapter 1
  • Brereton (BR) -- Select one option from the following list to read and be ready to grid in class. We'll also think about whether/how these excerpts can help us to test Carr/Carr/Schultz's "watersheds" on pp. 202-203. (I will cover whichever option is left.)
    • Chapter 2: Hill, Briggs, Adams/Godkin/Nutter
    • Chapter 3: Yale, Stanford, Iowa, Indiana, California, Amherst, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Wellesley, Minnesota
    • Chapter 3: Mead
    • Chapter 4: Cooper, Lounsbury, Phelps, Perry
    • Chapter 5: Abbott, Scott/Denney, Carson, Woolley
    • Chapter 6: Hill, Wendell, Hart 
    • Chapter 6: Illinois, Minnesota, Eight Harvard Themes, Wisconsin, Two Anonymous Themes, California, Purdue

T 4/9/13
  • Burke (B/H) -- as scheduled
  • Enoch (BB) -- as scheduled

R 4/11/13
  • no reading -- guided reflection

Looking forward to it,
-Dr. Graban

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